Tuesday, November 17, 2009

1st Post (:

Well, because I couldn't decide on only one topic to have my blog about, I decided to do it on anything that pops into my head (: . At the moment I can't wait to go and see 'New Moon'. I am obsessed with the Twilight Books. They are probably the best books I have ever read. Which reminds me, I'm trying to write my own book at the moment. It's a murder about a girl who see's her neighbour get murdered one morning, which is the start of the work of a cursed serial killer. I started writing it in english for an assignment we had to do and it ended up being about 15ish pages. The teacher gave me and excellene plus and said it was probably as good as his year 11's work and he said probably almost one of the best pieces he's seen from a junior! :) But yeah, i'll post a few bits from it up shortly. :)

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